Netboot Windows OS onto Apple hardware


Happy New year everyone.

My new mini project to start off 2017 is to look into how to stream line setting up Microsoft Windows OS onto the apple hardware.

Right now we manually set up bootcamp onto the few machines in the school that need the windows OS. Is there a more streamlined way of doing this with our netboot servers.
Im not real keen to setup MDT or Sccm for just a couple of computers just yet.

How do people image their windows computers in an Apple setup.



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We have several high schools in our district which require Windows OS for there Science programs and we have found Winclone to be the best thing. It will create a deployable PKG that can be pushed with Casper Imaging or Casper Remote. It also works as a standalone installer.

Michael Woodard
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San Jose Unified School District

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If you are familiar with DeployStudio, that can restore Bootcamp mac's fine.
There are a lot of undocumented need-to-know things, mostly relating to UEFI booting, but it can be done.
see my blog posts
If you have Caspar imaging in place, I recommend to stick to that, and use Michael's tip for WinClone Pro.

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We imaged a load of iMacs in the summer with windows dual boot. We used a winclone image and pushed it out via Casper remote. Our iMacs are late 2012 iMacs and required System Integrity Protection turning off to push the Winclone image to them.