NetInstall PostFlight Scripts?

Contributor II

I am trying to add a script to my Mojave NetInstall image that will remove the firmware password. I have an Expect script that I use that works well. I can build the NetInstall image without any scripts, but when I try to add any scripts System Image Utility fails during the build. I thought maybe it was just because my uses #!/usr/bin/expect, but I even tried with a simple Bash script and I get the same error. Does the script name matter? Or something else? At least the auto erase the Target disk is working in Mojave.

I even tried packaging the script in an empty pkg and adding that to the NetInstall. But that got the same error.

Any ideas about adding scripts or packages to a NetInstall image using System Image Utility? Or is there some other (better?) utility to use to make a macOS Install image?

Thanks, Tim