NetSUS 5.0 and SSL

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Good Afternoon,
We're in the process of deploying a new NetSUS server. I'm needing to upload a cert that I've obtained from GlobalSign. On the NetSUS GUI from Settings >System > Certificates > Modify Cert I see:
1. Private Key - Simple enough, copy/paste the Private Key that was generated locally.
2. Certificate -
3. CA Bundle -

I received these files from GlobalSign 1. CHAIN_netsus.cer
2. ROOT_netsus.cer
3. INTER_netsus.cer
4. pkcs7_netsus.cer
5. x509_netsus.cer
I'm assuming some combo of them gets copied into the Certificate and CA Bundle windows, but I can't for the life of me remember which .cer files go where.

Can one of you please remind me which files go to the Cert and CA Bundle windows in the GUI?

Thank you in advance,


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Didn't hear back on this but I did manage to get the certs installed. I ended up copy/pasting the CHAIN.cer file into the CA Bundle Window and the x509.cer file into the cert bundle. This worked for us.

Cheers and happy new year all.