Script To Force Quit Lotus Notes

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I've been on this forum for a while now and it is very helpful. I've been able to use a few things I've found from here. I have a question. Does anyone have a script that does the below? I am not capable of writing it from scratch myself but could modify one if it was close to what I needed.
I need it to do the below.

1) Force Quit Lotus Notes
2) Open Activity Monitor
3) Quit the notessmm process if running
4) Quite the eclipse process if running


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Hi. You may want to expand a little bit on what the end goal is here. For example, is this needed because you are force upgrading Lotus Notes and need these processes shut down before the upgrade starts, or, are you uninstalling Lotus Notes from the machines?

In either case, I don't think it would be necessary to open Activity Monitor in the GUI. Any process that shows up in Activity Monitor can be shut down purely from the command line in a few different ways. The reason I asked if this was b/c of an upgrade or removal is that, some ways of shutting down processes can be harsh and possibly cause data loss for whatever those processes are managing. But this may not be such a concern if you are simply ripping Lotus Notes off the Macs. If upgrading them, you might need to use a more graceful shut down method.
I just don't know much (nothing really) about Lotus Notes these days on macOS. It's been probably 12 years now since I've used it.