NETSUS and 10.8

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Is this a known issue that 10.8 updates aren't picked up by Netsus or is this just me?

Also have people got client set up to recieve updates from Netsus?

I was under the impression that it could use one catalogue but it looks like I'm still in the same situation of specifying the catalog for each OS of which 10.8 is not included??

So confused!


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Same issue here? I tried adding in the path for the 10.8 catalog but nothing further has been pulled in.

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Are you using the latest 1.02 release? JAMF supposedly added support for the Mountain Lion branch with that release. The older 1.0.1 version didn't include that.
I'm asking as well because I'm getting ready to update my test NetSUS appliance to version 1.02 and want to be sure 10.8 updates are being published from it, since that's my primary reason for looking at it.

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1.02 published the 10.8 updates but the 10.8 macs only seem to be picking up general updates for Safari etc and not OS updates.

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I am using the 1.02 release, and it won't sync any of the lion OR mountain lion updates. It says it's downloaded 41GB of updates, but the list that shows isnt even close to the 41GB claim.

Anywhere I can look to see what may be configured improperly?