NetSUS linux AFP service needs constant restart to remain functional

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snippet from afpd.log (on server) with netbooted casper imaging client trying to mount the AFP share during imaging process:

Feb 23 11:24:26.082792 afpd[7713] {dsi_tcp.c:212} (I:DSI): AFP/TCP session from
Feb 23 11:24:26.083453 afpd[1573] {main.c:183} (I:AFPDaemon): child[7712]: exited 1
Feb 23 11:24:26.084170 afpd[1573] {main.c:185} (I:AFPDaemon): child[7713]: done
Feb 23 11:24:41.219410 afpd[7714] {dsi_tcp.c:212} (I:DSI): AFP/TCP session from
Feb 23 11:24:41.220504 afpd[7714] {uams_dhx2_pam.c:321} (I:UAMS): DHX2 login: afpReadOnly
Feb 23 11:24:41.300196 afpd[7714] {uams_dhx2_pam.c:210} (I:UAMS): PAM DHX2: PAM Success
Feb 23 11:24:41.377491 afpd[7714] {uams_dhx2_pam.c:653} (I:UAMS): DHX2: PAM Auth OK!
Feb 23 11:24:41.377525 afpd[7714] {auth.c:269} (N:AFPDaemon): AFP3.3 Login by afpReadOnly
Feb 23 11:24:41.382783 afpd[7714] {volume.c:2028} (I:AFPDaemon): CNID server: localhost:4700
Feb 23 11:24:41.415761 afpd[7714] {quota.c:577} (I:AFPDaemon): getquota: special /home/afpdistributionshare/CasperShare fails
Feb 23 11:27:33.412425 afpd[7714] {auth.c:948} (N:AFPDaemon): AFP logout by afpReadOnly
Feb 23 11:27:33.414132 afpd[7714] {afp_dsi.c:99} (N:AFPDaemon): AFP statistics: 1211.85 KB read, 8594089.16 KB written
Feb 23 11:27:33.414159 afpd[7714] {dircache.c:615} (I:AFPDaemon): dircache statistics: entries: 19, lookups: 624, hits: 603, misses: 21, added: 19, removed: 0, expunged: 0, evicted: 0
Feb 23 11:27:33.414198 afpd[7714] {afp_dsi.c:561} (N:AFPDaemon): done
Feb 23 11:27:33.415073 afpd[1573] {main.c:185} (I:AFPDaemon): child[7714]: done

snippet from Activity Log on netbooted client:

mount_afp: FindValidIPAddress - connect failed socket 0, optionValue 61

All it takes is restarting the afp service on our linux NetSUS and it works again. The logs show a successful connection despite the supposed "failure", and the getquota: special /home/afpdistributionshare/CasperShare fails on both successful and unsuccessful AFP connections. I've read its harmless and ignorable.

Anyone have any ideas why this is spontaneously dying after about a week and requiring a restart?


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We've got a bunch of NetSUSes deployed and all are working ok. Assuming there isn't a weird bug with the particular version you are using, the only other thought is whether its running out of memory after a period of time. afpd can be fairly memory hungry.

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@davidacland I appreciate your response, I will look into it. Knowing there are functional ones in the wild likely localizes the issue to me.