NetSUS reset webadmin username and password

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I have shell access but for some odd reason I can't get back to the web admin page. Does anyone know how to reset the admin username and password via the command line? I have been googling and also searching the source, but I just can't find where.



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I hope you found your answer before now! I had the same problem and managed to find that the details are in /var/appliance/conf/appliance.conf.xml. If you simply remove the webadminuser and webadminpassword items entirely the defaults will be assumed.

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Anyone may know the root password? Try to reset or change the webadminuser password as highlight by nzgeek, but the file is r/o for shelluser, need root password to change or update the file.
Anyone can help? Thanks in advance.

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I have answered my question, no need for root password, just sudo vi the file and change that. Unfotunately did not help my problem, seem to be caused by disk full. Decided time to upgrade to the latest version of netsus (3.01), and start from scratch. That can easy done with vm.