Network Accounts unavailable when joining domain with Policy

New Contributor III

So we have many macs in our organisation connected to the domain but with a few currently not on, I have been trying to remotely connect them with a policy.

I have gotten the policy to work from what it seems, not that difficult, and I am seeing the computer binding to the domain by using the $SERIALNUMBER as a variable to bind the computer unit. The problem is that when I log out of the local account and then try to log in with the network account of a user, i just get "Network accounts unavailable" I double checked all the bind settings, and they are identical to those of currently working, bound machines which were manually done in the past. If I then unbind the machine, and then rebind it with the standard computer name as the UID (with the computer created and names in AD as such) it binds normally and connects fine at the login screen to the AD account.

There aren't many settings to change on the JAMF side to create this bind, so I am not sure what I am missing here / what is different in the binding process.

To be noted, this all works well when I do this over DEP using the same $SERIALNUMBER variable.