Network Time Servers and macOS Mojave

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With the release of macOS Mojave the command I was using to set the system clocks of our Mac lab systems stopped working. Here is the old command:

ntpdate -bvs

And here are three examples of the new command:

Apple's time server

sudo sntp -sS

Government server in the USA

sudo sntp -sSt 10

Government server in Canada

sudo sntp -sSt 4

Perhaps it is not a surprise that of the three servers listed above, the Canadian time server is the fastest and therefore the most accurate, but then again I am in Canada. Apple, of course, configures Mac systems out-of-the box to talk to its own server, The NIST server sometimes times out frequently, even with a 10 second timeout. Perhaps someone here can suggest a better time server.

For reference, here is a link to the NRC’s NTP page which includes information about a subscription service to an authenticated time server:

I'm sure there are similar servers in the USA and elsewhere.


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try using just and see if the response time is any better.

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I'm pretty sure systemsetup still works for setting the time server.

systemsetup -setusingnetworktime on -setnetworktimeserver

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Yeah, we use systemsetup, I'm pretty certain that's the way Apple recommends to do it.

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Thank you. sudo sntp is just what I needed for testing new ntp server installations.