networksetup script

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Hello everyone,

We just deployed 5,500 macbooks at my work. All of them are managed
users. We are using casper for log in hooks, policies, and inventory as
well as package deployment. I have some issues with about 10% or so of
the users laptops can't keep their Airport settings. So, I am using the
networksetup binary found in the remote desktop application contents to
make a log in hook so at log in every machine is set to log onto our
network with our WiFi encryption key. As of right now it is a shell
script and it doesn't work. I keep getting the error that says the
Airport server is not running and the Airport is not powered on. So, I
added the proper commands to turn the service and the power on but still
I got nothing. Attached is a text file of the script.

If anyone can please give me any pointers it would be greatly


Thomas Larkin
TIS Department