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Hey All,

I am taking over as JAMF admin for my organization and running into a worry, our renewal for our APN is coming up in a couple of months and our rep sent me a video on how to renew it. While watching the video I saw that if I use a new AppleID to create that APN that's different from the prior one it will break communication. What does that entail, the user no longer works for our company and it is under their email. Is there a way to assign a new Apple ID without breaking communication or am I out of luck with this?


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Reach out to Apple. If you allow your APNS certificate to expire or try and create a new certificate with new AppleID, you will break your existing enrollments. Jamf Pro will actually not allow you update an existing certificate with newly created one, just for that purpose. 

Apple can help you migrate your existing certificate for the unreachable AppleID to a new AppleID. I would recommend that you create a new AppleID that is specifically used for APNS certificates. If you have ABM, create it as a Managed AppleID so, if someone leaves, someone else can reset the password. 

Once you have your new AppleID, contact Apple Support, they will ask for some information, including the serial number of the current certificate and then migrate it to the new AppleID. IIRC, it took a couple of days once I had the new ID to do this at my org. 

But, don't panic, you have time and Apple has done this for many customers. 

You are amazing, thank you!