New Adobe licensing

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We have switched from device licensing to user licensing. We have Jamf 10.4. Last year , I created a package and I think I dragged and drop it to casper admin. Do I need to upgrade to 10.7 . Are there compatibility issues with 64 bit apps.
We are not creating a package with the separate applications but just the app to login in and download which adobe calls self service.
I see lost of complicated older updates. We just want to distribute the Adobe Self service package under the User licensing.
I do have the packager and created the app using the packager.


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We just create the package from the online admin console, drop it into JAMF Admin and deploy it with a policy. Seems to work without any issues in our environment.


we are acting like @Look and it works well for us, but be aware of users with a smaller license than the CCE and check-out what happens if they click 'buy' in Adobe SelfService.