NEW Adobe Packaging and deployment question

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We are starting to use the new method/process of licensing and packaging Adobe products.

I was initially excited to see what appeared to be regular .pkg files in hopes my deployment would simplify.

With older packages (Adobe Icons), they zipped when uploaded with JAMF Admin. Therefore require caching to each machine and deploying a script thereafter to unzip and install.

i THOUGHT the new packages would eliminate the process, but am not see that the new packages ALSO get zipped when uploading.

Was I being Utopian in my wishes?!?!?



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@mhegge When Jamf Admin zips a pkg, it is because it is not a flattened package. The policy deployment mechanisms are smart enough to unzip first, so there is no need to run a script to start these installations. Just deploy the .zip file in the same manner you would a ,pkg and Jamf Pro should work as expected.

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From what I remember in my testing last year, that method fails. That's why I had to go with the caching and script method.

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@mhegge, just to clarify, have you tested with the current release of Jamf Pro and the new Adobe package? I will likely be doing something similar in the near future, so I'm curious what your results are. I haven't had any issues deploying zip files in the past.

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@mscottblake You are correct sir!!! A test late yesterday confirmed your process. Sweet! @irobinso I had issues deploying the packages created in Adobe Creative Cloud Packager last year, pre version 10 (I am now on the latest version). The zipped files would alway fail, so I had to research other methods and found that caching the zip file, then running a script that would unzip and install, was a successful, although time consuming was of getting things done.

I would have to have a script for each and every package created that I wanted to deploy.

Thanks for everyone's input.b2d5978484c54b10919fb3c7db1be166

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Something you can do before uploading that saves me time is to simply zip the non flat .pkg before uploading.

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I know this is an old thread but my installations are still failing. I'm uploading the pkg to jamf which jamf zips it and then I get the following under the policy logs.


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What version of macOS and what version of Adobe CC (2019, 2020, 2021) are you to install?

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@MikeG Sounds like a problem with the installer itself, not the method.

Are you able to successfully double click to install it manually?