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Jamf Pro 11.5.0 Beta is Now Available

Hello Jamf Nation!We have several exciting new features including new Login functionality, Managed Software Updates enhancements, Packages page redesign, and more! You can find more information in the release notes when you enroll.Starting with the J...  View more

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PPPC information for FireEye

Hi Jamf Nation! Trying to setup a PPPC profile to handle those pop-ups users receive for Bitdefender SRL and FireEye, Inc when trying to deploy Fireeye. Any help is appreciated!  View more

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Migration from jamf pro to jamf school

Hello to all,I am currently switching from jamf pro to jamf school, but the problem is that when I restore the backup of an iPad the jamf pro profile takes the place of the jamf school profile. do you have an idea ? Sincerely  View more

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Can't convert Admin users to Standard users

Im trying to convert a large number of admin accounts to standard accounts. On jamf nation, multiple people have been sharing this script below, but when I run it, it does not change any users from Admin to standard. Below is what I ran:with ###### b...  View more

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Read only access on JSS scripts

We currently have a standard JSS group that contains our support staff who have been added to the standard group as LDAP users. In the privileges section of the group under the "Jamf Pro Server objects", the "Read" section for "Scripts" has been sele...  View more

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Released Devcies

Hello! I am wondering how Released Devices in Apple Business Manager relate to managed devices in JAMF. I suppose my first question is: Are devices automatically released in ABM when they are replaced through Apple? Or do devices need to be manually ...  View more

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Grant JAMF Pro admin rights via LDAP group?

Hi everyone! I'm struggling with getting this to work. Any input/advice would be greatly appreciated. Goal: Create an LDAP group in AD, add AD users who do not have individual admin user accounts created in JAMF, and grant access in JAMF per the AD g...  View more

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Disable Find My Mac

I set a Restrictions configuration profile to disable Find My Mac. I ensured that I'm part of the scope and that the config profile actually installed on my machine. My machine is checking in with no problem. However, I'm still able to turn on/off Fi...  View more

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Make package from S3 Cloud Share visible in Jamf

We use an S3 Cloud Share for packages that we can't install using scripts, and Jamf Pro running in AWS as well. We are now in the middle of starting to roll out Big Sur and would preferably do this through Self Service as our users are not administra...  View more

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Temporarily Enable USB for help desk support

We use the JAMF capability to disable the external USB write capability - the user can load and read, but not write - similar to here => https://www.jamf.com/jamf-nation/discussions/30979/disable-usb-storage-access However, when a deskside technician...  View more

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My Apple ID shows up in all the other laptops

Hi, We use Jamf Pro to deploy different configuration profiles. I have added few apps in Self Service. The Apps which I have built was using packages tool and uploaded it to the Jamf Pro. Now when the users open up the App store to download or update...  View more

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Login Problems on our JAMF Pro

Hey Guys, yesterday we changed our password policy in our environment.Today nobody can connect to our jamf Pro... Are there any Log Files on our jss server where i can find a Solution?We have Windows Server 2019. Thank you!  View more

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FileVault the Prestage Local Admin account

In our Prestage we set an Local Admin account as below On ADE setup, users creates account, DEPnotify comes on and installs apps. On Completion DEPNotify is with Restart button. User clicks Restart and is prompted for their pwd to enable FileVault fo...  View more

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Silver Sparrow Malware

I just read about this new malware found to have infected 30,000 macs. Here's the link to information: https://redcanary.com/blog/clipping-silver-sparrows-wings/ Has anyone come up with some strategies to find and remove this from macs in their envir...  View more

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EA to report Sudo Version (Sudo Vulnerability)

In response to the Sudo Vulnerability: Sudo-escalating on macOS (Jamf Blog) I put together an EA script that simply reports the Sudo Version on Macs: Data Type: String Input Type Script: #!/bin/bash #Shaquir Tannis 2-10-21 #Reports Sudo Version echo ...  View more

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JAMF Admin, packages uploading as 0 bytes

Hi, We have a problem where we can add packages to JAMF Admin as usual, and they show up on our main distribution point, but they are 0 bytes in size. So each time I add a new package, I need to copy it manually to the share and replace the 0 byte on...  View more

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SymantecRemovalTool.command 8.0.3 Help

Hey Jamf Nation! We are trying to remove SEP 14.x from all our Macs. We deploy the .command file to /private/var then have "File and Processes" start the shell script file. You'd think this would work fine since "File and Processes" is a root executi...  View more

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Jamf Admin application not loading

With 10.26.1 Jamf Pro on-prem and Latest Catalina 10.15.7 build and/or with Big Sur, the app loads after logging in, everything appears to work then nothing. Just the application bar opens at the top of the screen but no application loads. Need this ...  View more

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