New device in Jamf

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Does anyone know why when I add a new device into JAMF, I am not able to click the device itself and manage it/push configurations? I've included a screenshot to better explain what I'm trying to say. 2c5ddc538633447c92fe05c14585e354


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You need to enroll the device before you can manage it. Your screenshot is from the prestage and just shows assignment to that particular Prestage configuration. This isnt actually adding the device to JAMF, this is adding it to your DEP server/prestage.

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To build on what @miregan was saying, In your PreStage Enrollments, the devices under the "Scope" section, are just a list of devices that are tied to your MDM server (Jamf Pro) in DEP, that Apple has a record of. These are devices that are capable of being enrolled with DEP via Jamf Pro. When they say "Assigned" like the example above, it means that when that device is going through the initial setup screens, and calls out to Apple's DEP servers, it will see that it belongs to a a PreStage Enrollment, and will prompt you to configure the device (enroll). Until the device is actually enrolled, you won't be able to manage the device. If you have already gone through that process, but the device does not show under the Computers section in Jamf Pro, it may not have enrolled properly.