New JSS Checklist

New Contributor

Hello, everyone!

I am starting a new environment's JSS from not the ground up, but close to the ground.

I am starting from scratch in terms of enrollments, policies, config profs, etc etc.

Is there a checklist anyone has made compiled of all of the things that you should set up, in any specific order if need be, and either links on how to do certain steps, or any sort of useful information?

So far we have the URL, you log in with LDAP, I have a policy blocking Sierra upgrades, a policy to install Chrome, an inventory renewal policy, and a few other things.

Basically, is there a compilation of what you SHOULD and what you SHOULD NOT do to make your JSS functional in the quickest amount of time and then I can fine-tune things from there?7f04d96b2b874e6c9b2090dc6f50ab7c