New JSS server with new SSL certificate. Will it keep communication with my existing enrolled devices ?

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Hello Nation,

Our existing Jamf Pro, running on Debian, has been running for almost 4 years. The self-signed SSL certificate was created using Keytool and expires in 2018.
I want to build a new Jamf Pro server (would replace our existing one) on CentOS, of course DNS and IP won't change. I will import our DB.
My question is the following:

We have 550 iPads and around 1500 MacOS laptops. By generating a new SSL self-signed certificate from the new Jamf Pro, will I lose communication with my devices ?

On my JSS-Test VM, If I generate a new self-signed certificate from Jamf Pro, I don't lose communication with my test iPad and test MBA.
On the other hand, If I manually create a self-signed certificate using Keytool (the way we build the current Prod Jamf Pro SSL certificate), it loses communication with my pre-enrolled test devices.
So as long as I don't use Keytool, it seems to be OK.

I reached out to our TAM, but he wasn't sure. I also talked to an engineer @JNUC, he told me it "should" be fine.
Any advice is appreciated. Thank you.


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In my experiences, as long as the URL is the same (or the SAN in the certificate).. you won't lose communication.

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So you had success moving to a new JAMF Pro server while using a different SSL cert and still keeping communication with your devices ? Are you using self signed certs ?