New Macbook Pro and Macbook Air Models and Cisco AnyConnect

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Hi. Before i go bananas i wanted to reach out to this community to see if anyone else is having issues with Cisco Anyconnect 4.5,4.6 or 4.7 constantly reconnecting on newer macbook pro's.

We've had no issues with Anyconnect prior to the new release of hardware, now, any macbook devices that we buy regardless of OS version, Anyconnect will lose connection between 6-10 times an hour.

i haven't nailed down exactly when the Macbook Pro's stopped working but i know for sure that we bought 2 macbook air's at release to test, and they don't work well with Anyconnect.

Anyone else plagued by this?

Edit.... I just found this thread. ugh.


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I was having this issue on my 2018 MacBook Pro that was running AnyConnect 4.6.01098. I was able to resolve it after upgrading to Cisco AnyConnect 4.7.04056. From what I remember it was a known issue and listed as a bug in AnyConnect release notes and I think the 4.7.04056 had it listed as a resolved issue. Not sure if thats the version of 4.7 you tried already or not but it worked for me.

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@LovelessinSEA We have the same here with a dozen macOS devices, rolling out the the 4.7.04056 to pilot group right now. We did a lot of troubleshoot.. ouch.