New Server. Can I just...

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SCP Packages?

Moving from RHEL 5 to RHEL 7 for our JSS. After a few discussions with the powers that be, we're going to start from scratch on our JSS and leave old garbage behind. I'm ok rebuilding key policies as needed. I've been meaning to work on other things to clean them up, too. The only thing that I'm at all worried about is moving packages over. It seems like it makes simple sense to just SCP from /oldserver/caspershare/Packages to /newserver/caspershare/Packages? Casperadmin owns the directory on both servers. I can't see why not but wanted to throw this out there to see what others have done.


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I did something similar when we moved our JSS onto new hardware. IIRC, we used the Casper Admin replicate feature to move all of the packages across from the old server to the new. This was several years ago, so I'm not gonna be much help on the specifics of the process, unfortunately.

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As long as there's no permissions issues on the new box then you should be able to.

I'd maybe go for RSYNC rather than SCP.