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I came on staff here 5 months ago to do video, media, and marketing, and since I was good with computers, they added asset management to my duties.

So I'm very new to mobile device management (meaning I've been using Macs since 1987 and never heard of MDM until I got this job)

I got thrown into JAMF Now and it seemed pretty simple to follow and to get things done for our company and it's 90 Apple devices. But by boss just switched to Jamf Pro and now I have to figure out the transition for all of our devices.

We didn't spring for the expensive onboarding service so I'm having to figure this out on my own. I was given this link to follow the steps to getting our devices disconnected from our JAMF Now MDM and over to our JAMF Pro.

However, the first step says to download Jamf Recon from my "Assets" tab. But I have no Jamf Recon link to download the app. And I can't seem to find a link anywhere.

What am I missing? Where can I get Jamf Recon?

Are those instructions outdated? Is there a better way to transition from JAMF Now to JAMF Pro?

I would appreciate any help for a NEWB.


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First, Welcome!
2nd... I would recommend to check with your Jamf Business Rep first. Your might get help from Jamf support directly, fast and professional

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I've been kind of disappointed with my business rep. He just keeps pushing Jumpstart, or tells me to try the discussions here on JAMF Nation. He's the one that sent me that link. I emailed him two weeks ago saying that I couldn't find the Jamf Recon link and I still haven't heard from him.

I asked him these questions and this is all he replied with:

I’m having a bit of difficulty. Is there someone I can talk to, or is there a tutorial online that clearly, and simply outlines the steps I need to take to transition from Jamf Now to Jamf Pro?

All of the self-guided tutorials and modules that I’ve viewed so far are focused around starting from scratch or enrolling devices for the first time. I’m needing to learn how to transition from Now to Pro.

How do I transfer our Blueprints?
How do I enroll devices currently enrolled in Jamf Now?

I just need a clear transition path. What should I do first?

Switching from Now to Pro is like switching from one MDM solution to another. Here are some resources to help with that:

Utilizing a Jumpstart would help out with some of these migrations as well, that was why I was positioning it. We can always look at getting a Jumpstart scheduled for you in the future for just the MacOS devices, iOS devices or both, I have attached the Statement of Work again for you to take a look at. (end of our discussion)

So the fist step, in the "8 easy steps" he sent me, is to download Jamf Recon, which I cannot find a link to anywhere. And when I asked him for directions to it, I got no reply. So now I'm here to see what the community can do for me.

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Under your Jamf contract, most likely you have support, included. Submit the support request, see how it goes. Let them know you need working session, assistance with Now to Pro switch. Probably, need to prepare your Jamf Pro environment first. Also, with your Jamf Pro PROD you should have Jamf PRO TEST. TEST is really good for learning, trying configurations, solutions, etc.

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thank you so much

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Tap My Assets, ensure ‘Mac’ is selected and then hit ‘Download for Mac’.

Jamf Recon will be included as part of that download, along with Composer, Jamf Admin etc.

If you don’t see that download then you may need to contact your sales rep so they can link your contract to your Jamf ID.