New versions of Sierra and High Sierra Security Update 2019-002

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New versions of Sierra and High Sierra Security Update 2019-002
For Sierra, now build 16G1918;
For High Sierra, now build 17G6030.



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On Friday I encountered a few users on Sierra that had a failed security update. A variety of SMC and PRAM resets were able to get the user logged back in, and I noticed this second security update. I'm wondering if the original was causing issues so they had to issue a new build. The second update applied successfully without issue.

Haven't seen any High Sierra or Mojave machines with the failed update, though.


Out of 12 Sierra Macs, mostly iMacs, updated to 16G1918, so far one had a curious issue where the user was able to login, but an error dialog displays:

Finder quit unexpectedly while using the Finder plug-in.
Choices are to Ignore or Report. Clicking either fails to dismiss the dialog. Finder operations are very slow, documents not seen and volumes are inaccessible. System log reveals repeating entries:

Apr 1 10:15:10 Mac HD[1] ( Service only ran for 0 seconds. Pushing respawn out by 1 seconds. Apr 1 10:15:11 Mac HD[1] ([3866]): Binary is improperly signed.

In the end, Internet Recovery of currently installed OS installation and upgrade to current version resolved the issue.


We've had failure reports for this one on at least 3 machines (probably more that just haven't trickled their way to my team yet), one of them being my own test 2015MBP. I got the failure, rebooted once, got another failure "macOS could not be installed on your computer" and after a 3rd reboot it finally loaded normally. The update still shows as ready in AppStore.

Anyone with the issues have any 3rd party security tools running? We have a web proxy/DLP tool and a next-gen AV client that I'm suspect of...


So it failed on my Mac, then after multiple reboots, I was able to get logged in when I run softwareupdate --list --verbose --force I get nothing...anyone else seeing this?

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After updating, my AD account was locked out. Hadn't had that happen after an update in quite a while. Something to keep in mind if a person can't log in after updating.

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I talked with Apple Enterprise this morning and they advised of a bug report that was issued today on their Radar (Bug Reporting) #49161314 regarding 2019-002.

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You guys might be interested in this feature request:
Fact is despite the oddities with the updates Apple is releasing, Jamf also has failed to update its Software Update policy payload.