Newly enrolled machine, local password not syncing

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To sum it up, we are transferring machines from another MDM to JAMF. I created a recon file with an uninstall script to remove the old profile and add ours. Once JAMF is added and the policies are applied, on login it requires our network account. However when logging in the network password does not sync with the local password, these are new accounts and have never been on the machine, they have only been used to download the enrollment profiles.


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Well that's very interesting, don't suppose it could be thrown into a configuration profile (the network profile)? (Maybe that'd do it?)


I think this would fall under the same problem. This would also be the first time the network account is being synced, they use Jumpcloud for their accounts and we are adding their AD accounts.

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I'm not sure if the accounts you speak of are "mobile" accounts or not. Typically, you need to have a mobile account for passwords to sync across Active Directory (if that is what you are using) and these are created when the user signs into the device for the first time; provided the device is bound to AD. The only away around this that I'm aware of is to configure the Kerberos SSO payload and deploy that, but a user would have to login first and enter their AD credentials which sounds like an issue as is right now. If you could provide a bit more detail such as what you are authenticating against, and whether these accounts are local or mobile I might be able to help you a bit more.