No Assignment of Apple TV via School Manager

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Hello JAMF Nation,

I bought 28 Apple TV's via the DEP and these are also displayed correctly in our School Manager. When I search the serial number in School Manager, the device is found and mapped to the correct MDM server.
If I now want to assign these devices in JAMF, only 4 Apple TV´s are found in PreStage Enrollment.

In the meantime, I have also removed the assignment and reassigned it. The assignment worked and I got the message that 28 devices were reassigned. But still only 4 Apple TV's in PreStage Enrollment.

do i miss a step here?



Sound good so far. Keep in mind that the Devices Tab might have multiple pages. Also, check if you can see the devices under Management Settings -> Global Management -> DEP.

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I found the devices under "Global Management -> DEP". Thanks :D.
They are assigned to a location to which they do not belong. I checked the location and noticed that instead of 32 iPads it contains more than 100 assigned devices. The option "Automatically assign new devices" is not selected. Also the location token is correct and not expired.

I am sure that the devices have not been manually assigned to the PreStage Enrollment Group. The question now is why were the devices assigned to the group?