No-MAD - how to delay polling/auth on wake up/non VPN

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Hi All,

Back when KerbMinder was active we used it to help manage the Kerb tickets, (FYI, all our Macs are bound, seems old fashioned these days) we also though edited and packed crank tools to help delay programs like outlook that uses Kerb but also seems to immediately poll and then flake out not giving time to airport to re-connect to wireless lan before polling.

So we are now looking to integrate NoMAD into our build which may help general password sync issues as well, but unlike Kerbminder which its forked on, its a proper app in its own right now so what script to run at State change action??? I would imagine it would be along the lines of checking DNS to if any LDAP/AD domain controllers are contactable and therefore Kerberos auth will work but have no idea how to code that in bash or apple script. if necessary if its just to delay outlook for VPN/proper network connections that would be fine.

Sorry this is such a newbie question