No more free App Store accounts?

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Finished up a CPA course last week and saw the process for signing up for a free App Store account.

It looks as if the None option isn't available anymore when signing up.

I swear it was there last week and this week I don't see it anymore.

I followed the JAMF Nation article and the Apple KB article. The steps are not working the way they should


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The none option is available for me. I searched iBooks, click Free, click Create Apple ID, go through the agreements, fill out user information then there is a none option. iTunes 12.01 OS 10.10

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To get the None option you have to be logged out of iTunes, select a free app and then choose Create Account when the login window appear. Only by choosing a free app first will the None option be available. I have never tried this process in iBooks.

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I didn't mean to try it in iBooks, I meant I use iBooks as the free app to try and "purchase" @strider.knh

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I just tried it and it worked fine here. I created 6 "free" accounts using iBooks. I was using iTunes 11.3 on the PC, so it works on older versions as well.

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Every once in awhile None isn't available for us, probably when a few users in short time have tried to follow the KB.

Apple rep has said if you do it from an iPad you may have better luck. One time that didn't work either and apple had to whitelist our IPs (which took days, and is only for a limited time).

Great model they have there.

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An alternative method that always works on an iPad. Create the Apple ID from Settings -> iCloud, then log into Settings -> iTunes & App Store. You'll be prompted to Review Agreement - None is always a payment option.