No name in JSS

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Hey all,

We are seeing a few machines that are coming up as "No name" when imaged (nothing filled out in inventory). Sometimes a recon will work while other times I get some certificate error, and I have to enroll it manually to fix it.

This is a problem since I currently have five machines with this issue and no idea where they go and therefore can't even fix them.

Has anyone seen this before? Any help would be greatly appreciated.



I've seen this in a handful of environments during some JumpStarts. The Mac has made its initial phone home but hasn't taken and reported inventory yet. Usually, this will clear up in a little while.

The main cause I've seen for this delay is a failure in the list of "at reboot" items the machine is trying to run. Use the divide-and-conquer method to troubleshoot at reboot items. Eliminate half and test. If successful, add back half of the remaining items. If unsuccessful, remove half of your existing items. Rinse. Repeat.

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I am running to this issue with one particular machine.

One unique thing I noticed is that a user has two versions of OS X on his machine. Is this causing this? Maybe Boot camp machines have this too?

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@lawrencj1 Are both OSX installs enrolled into the JSS?

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Am experiencing a similar issue but with mobile devices, cleaning up JSS have found 500 + devices with aforementioned [No Name].


Appears these are old assets, is there an easy way to remove from JSS?



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When a computer is first added to the JSS, it shows up as No Name. Then as inventory/recon runs, the computer record is filled in. The No Name should be replaced within about 5 minutes - maybe 10 if you've a busy server. If it's longer than that, then something isn't right - perhaps enrollment failed and a new record was created when enrollment tried again?


Rarely do I see them as No Name more often I see them as the model of the laptop, MacBook Air (2). I see No Name more often when the laptop is unmanaged.