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I am working for an organisation that uses JAMF Pro and I am just a newbe.

Two questions first, how would one make available MacOS Monterey available as a package from Self Service?

Or as I have seen before how would one make JAMF Pro auto upgrade older Macs from older MacOS to Monterey?

Next question my last company used NoMAD what precisely does this do and how does it stop keychain errors?

I have done the JAMF Pro 100 course a while ago but do need to redo it. 





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An easy way to get Software updates to a Mac including Major upgrades is to create a Policy which uses Software Updates. 

Jamf Pro Document -

NoMAD lets you sync with Active Directory. They're website explains in more details -

When it comes to the keychain errors I would need more information on that as I do not see how NoMAD itself will correct keychain errors. What prompts with the keychain errors?


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Thanks I will check the links you sent..I assumed Jamf Connect does the same as No MAD

The error we get at logon is this:

Key Chain cannot be found to store "".

We click cancel then we can get past it to logon.

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How many macs does this error appear on?

Have you tried booting into safe mode? Sometimes that will correct the issue's like this one. (Its not a perfect science but I have seen it work with just booting into safe mode).