nomad doesnt sync AD password after update to Ventura

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So i just update my mac to ventura, and the things is that i changed my AD password 1 day before. 

Now after updating to ventura, i can only login to my mac using my old password.

is there a way to force nomad to check ad and sync the latest password?


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I have never gotten NoMad to sync passwords.  My company's domain is a mess and we are still using Smart Cards.  My end users use the corporate portal to change their domain password and then go into their local Mac account to change their local password.  We only need NoMAD to grab the kerberos ticket and for appliances to see the smart card.  Good luck.  I hope Josh and team can release a new version shortly.

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Further to my post, i just want to clarify that LocalPasswordSync is set to be true for my nomad plist. 




Seems that I have more of the same issue. Have you found a fix for it ?

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not yet. 

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it seems no one from jamf/nomad care about this

Nomad is EOL…

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What do you mean Nomad is EOL? so its no longer supported? what is everyone in the Mac enterprise world doing right now if they dont use nomad anymore?

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JAMF Connect

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NoMAD still works fine on Ventura. Literally 0 issues. Lot of people saying it's EOL and not recommending running it on Ventura, but it works fine. If you have IdP it's probably better to go XCreds now though.

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But Jamf Connect is for non on-prem AD.

For on-prem AD customers, what other choice do they have?