NoMAD logging in to WiFi

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Hi All
Using NoMAD to authenticate users, no problem on our iMacs. However I am hitting a snag with MacBooks.
In the past I had a Configuration Profile that pushed out the WiFi certificate, and a Network Payload. In the Network Payload, I had details for our WiFi SSID, and Auto Join was on. There is also a check box for "Use as a Login Window configuration" This used to put a popup above the Username box in the Login window, that the user could choose the SSID, and then it would take their Username and Password and use it to connect to the WiFi, as they were logging in. BUT, once the NoMAD login box is there, this option is missing.
Is it possible to get it back, and working with a NoMAD login? Do I need to add something to to get it to work?


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I asked this question on the MacAdmins slack because I have been wondering this too.
There is no GUI for selecting your wifi network at the login window with NoLoAD like there is with apple's login.
However, they said if you deploy a configuration profile that sets the network at login and includes the certificate it should still log them in.

I do not know if this works without binding, I also suggest you test it locally before considering a deployment.608e7c4b27484334ad41bfd8e47caf39