NoMAD Login screen - Show WiFi?


Hello everyone,

Is there a way to show the WiFi icon, located at the top right of the normal login screen, on the NoMAD login screen? We have a few mobile carts full of MacBook Pros and the students pull them out when they'd like to use them. Sometimes, it takes a few seconds for the laptop to connect to WiFi and it would be nice to see if the computer is actually connected, or in the process.



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This is in the works but as of the latest version 1.3 not yet a feature as far as I know.

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Thanks Hugonaut. I just started messing with NoMAD Login and am really impressed with it.

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Anyone have information or know where to get it for customizing the nomad login window? I am trying to get the area around the fields to have a background or a different color. I am able to change the full background behind the login window and add a logo, but cannot edit the window itself.