NoMAD on M1?


Anyone running NoMAD on M1 Macs? How do you think it works?

Is there anything special to think about and do you have any unique tips to keep in mind?


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Works fine on M1s, Monterey, and Ventura.  But do you really want to trust something so important to a free and basically deprecated tool?

Thanks for info. Not sure we're going on NoMAD, hope for Jamf Connect. Just a bit curious. :)

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Haven't been on NoMAD for about a year now so things may have changed but NoMAD Login would have issues after a restart when I used it. The login window would be cropped and shifted to the corner. It still worked and users could login but was quite ugly. Once logged in, all functionality of NoMAD continued to work without issues.

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Does AD Passward synch after change? We are facing issue with AD and Filevault synch after change Password. All of our devices are M1, Deployed NoMad and NoMad login and devices are not AD bind. Though we turned off NoMad Login window after 1st time login. So Any suggestion on that?