Nomad stuck in boot loop

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Hello all. For some reason when I enroll a machine in nomad and go through set up, i restart, then get stuck in a boot loop which even when putting in username and password I get tossed back to an apple logo with loading bar and back to the nomad login screen. This will stay for a few seconds before looping again. The only thing I changed was removing skipping account creation at enrollment which I turned off and am skipping it all together to put a policy in place and attempted to add a preference to have the do notshow again box checked on the welcome window. Any thoughts?

P.S. I have removed the account creation policy and issue still arises.


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having the same issue here

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HI are you using Nomad Login. ? if so

boot into recovery and get the Macs IP address, exit recovery and get it back to the login screen

Now that you have the IP from a dif device ssh into the Mac and run

sudo killall loginwindow

This will kill the nomad login windows and you should not get into the Mac

Hope got helps .

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Are you also unable to login with the Admin account created by Jamf? There could be a issue with how Nomad login talks to your AD instance.

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Hello all. I figured out the error. We were trying to create an admin account which was using the same username as our Jamf administrator account for enrollment invitations. Apparently you can't do that.