Not a Jamf question but - What is the Site to get the Big Sur.dmg before the Customer Release?

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Not a Jamf question but what is the site location where I can get the MacOS Big Sur.dmg file? I'd waited until the consumer release to beta test my apps.


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Is this what you are looking for?

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I've gone there but unable to locate the file?


Opens the Mac App Store, and sends you to the Big Sur page. Then select "Get" button. That will proceed to open the Software Update System Preference on systems with macOS Mojave and later. It will download the Install macOS Big and place it in the Applications folder when completed.

This won't work on a system with a Big Sur software restriction policy in place, or a system that is told to prevent the notification that Big Sur is available via Software Update.

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@sgiesbrecht - Using Mac Deployment Stick, there was a public seed with build of 20B28 (and no beta tag), however, the public release was build 20B29