Not a valid JSS


Hi All,

Ive used autorun on a number of mac this week and last, and now when i try to autorun to image a mac i get

"The server that Casper received data from does not appear to be a valid JSS....."

It gets to this after the check for autorun and

"Gather information from JSS"

Any ideas how this has happened? Its the same on all machines, ive deleted one mac from the JSS and re-reconed it but it made no difference, have rebooted the server.

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I use to see this often, particularly on my old G5 Xserve server. I don't recall that I've ever found out the exact cause, even though you can go to the web interface of the JSS just fine.

What are your server specs? How many clients do you have? And how often is the shortest interval between them checking in?