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Hi all,
I've searched the discussions and mostly found the opposite of what I want to do.

I work for a University Library and we have some macbookpros that we circulate to students for up to a week. They autologin to a local admin account (in case they need to install something for their work). Per our policy, the students are not given that password. We also have DeepFreeze installed so at the next reboot, the computer is reset to a known good baseline.

I want to disable the "require password on wake or screensaver" because, without the password, the only way they can use the computer again is to reboot, and (per deepfreeze) that resets any changes they may have made.

Currently, the setting for require password is unchecked, but it still requires a password to unlock. I've stripped out almost all the config profiles and I can't get it to just wake up. I know Apple enforces the most restrictive setting, but I can't find anywhere else that it is set.

Is there some way to search out all the instances where a particular setting is used? Any suggestions where I can look?
Paul Baughman


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In the same boat. Bumping for more exposure. Hopefully we see an answer soon.