Notify of update to Adobe CC

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Paging @mhasman. I'm trying to find a way to get notified when an update is made to an Adobe Creative Cloud application. Or do I need to write a script to watch that silly updaterfeed.xml file? I do need to know what updates have been released specifically, so that I can put them through change management.


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Sorry, I still track it manually and via checking the software update websites.
Adobe was always the pain in... you know. Like today, I spent 4 hours with Adobe Creative Cloud Packager building updates

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@thoule Not really A notification per se, I run an Adobe update server. I run the update check and rsync to 2nd server via jenkins, once a week. I then check the jenkins output for what was rsynced and can see the new updates. perhaps you can scrape or modify the Adobe Server setup python script or modify Tim Sutton's aaimporter tool or autopkgr w email notification and leave the package in "testing"

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Here's a script I put together to give me an idea of what has been released by Adobe since I last sync'ed my AUSST repo.

#Notify of updates

mkdir /tmp/adobeupdateChecker
curl http://LOCALSERVER/webfeed/oobe/aam20/mac/updaterfeed.xml > /tmp/adobeupdateChecker/updaterfeed_local_mac_2.xml
curl http://LOCALSERVER/webfeed/oobe/aam10/mac/updaterfeed.xml > /tmp/adobeupdateChecker/updaterfeed_local_mac_1.xml
curl http://LOCALSERVER/webfeed/oobe/aam20/win/updaterfeed.xml > /tmp/adobeupdateChecker/updaterfeed_local_win_2.xml
curl http://LOCALSERVER/webfeed/oobe/aam10/win/updaterfeed.xml > /tmp/adobeupdateChecker/updaterfeed_local_win_1.xml

curl > /tmp/adobeupdateChecker/updaterfeed_adobe_mac_2.xml
curl > /tmp/adobeupdateChecker/updaterfeed_adobe_mac_1.xml
curl > /tmp/adobeupdateChecker/updaterfeed_adobe_win_2.xml
curl > /tmp/adobeupdateChecker/updaterfeed_adobe_win_1.xml

comm -3 /tmp/adobeupdateChecker/updaterfeed_local_mac_2.xml /tmp/adobeupdateChecker/updaterfeed_adobe_mac_2.xml|grep -v COMBO |grep -v FEATURE|grep -v REVOKE > /tmp/updatefeedDifference.txt
comm -3 /tmp/adobeupdateChecker/updaterfeed_local_mac_1.xml /tmp/adobeupdateChecker/updaterfeed_adobe_mac_1.xml|grep -v COMBO |grep -v FEATURE|grep -v REVOKE >> /tmp/updatefeedDifference.txt
comm -3 /tmp/adobeupdateChecker/updaterfeed_local_win_2.xml /tmp/adobeupdateChecker/updaterfeed_adobe_win_2.xml|grep -v COMBO |grep -v FEATURE|grep -v REVOKE >> /tmp/updatefeedDifference.txt
comm -3 /tmp/adobeupdateChecker/updaterfeed_local_win_1.xml  /tmp/adobeupdateChecker/updaterfeed_adobe_win_1.xml|grep -v COMBO |grep -v FEATURE|grep -v REVOKE >> /tmp/updatefeedDifference.txt

cat /tmp/updatefeedDifference.txt  |awk -F, '{print $1}'|sort -u|more