Nudge settings with option2 - NudgeSuitedeploy and Configuration Profile

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I'm trying to deploy Nudge in a mixt environment Intel/M1. It seems that the package is deployed in Utilities and the configuration profile is there and found on devices.I have a pile of devices with Monterey and Ventura; the test we want to accomplish is upgrading to 13.3. Even if the deadline is there the Nudge window does not appear and of course, no upgrade notification. This is my config profile and policy. I even added in the policy all the packages.

Any specific reason why.

The pile of devices consists in:

Air M1 with Monterey 12.6.1

MacBook Pro intel 15" Montery 12.6.3

MacBook Pro intel 15" Montery 12.3.1

MacBook Pro intel 15" Ventura 13.2.1







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Nudge can be tricky to get working because it has so many options notifying the user to upgrade and triggering the upgrade. 

So finding the correct options for your environment is where the lab testing comes in. 


I have a Nudge Configuration Overview film here. 


It shows the configuration I used to update clients' M1 and intel  client computers from Monterey to Ventura. 

And I have used this same configuration to update through the new Ventura updates. 13.1 , 13.2 , 13.2.1 13.3 etc. 


Check it out and see if it works for you. 


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I saw that video, I was impressed. Indeed all the config now applies in my case only to a specific scope, considering pre-deployment. I'm looking for a launch agent, for Nudge, plist config is there but when I launch manually from the terminal: Nudge from utilities nothing happens. I will look again at your config, configuration profile applied. 

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Try using 13.3.0, but now 13.3.1 since it was just released. Also check the logs at /var/log/Nudge.log to see what it says.

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In the Nudge.log it say:

[com.github.macadmins.Nudge:utilities] Current operating system (13.2.1) is greater than or equal to required operating system (0.0)

Device is fully updated

Nudge is terminating due to condition met

But in the plist I have added the requiredminimumosversion:

/Applications/Utilities/ -print-profile-config

<plist version="1.0">




































Try 13.3.0 as the requiredminimum.

well, based on KB 0 at the end is suppressed 

Sorry, I didn't see your config profile earlier but that is the issue. requiredMinimum and requiredDate should all be under 1 osVersionRequirement. Remove osVersionRequirement 2 then click on Add/remove properties under osVersionRequirement 1 so that both requiredMinimum and requiredDate are under the same osVersionRequirement rule