Nudging Device Users...


We went through a migration process to Jamf Cloud, and have had success with macOS as the process end users follow is quick, painless, and non-destructive.  We haven't had any real success encouraging manage device users to migrate as the only successful process they can follow involves resetting the device, and erasing all content and settings - as we use apps like Microsoft Authenticator, the disruption to users is fairly significant.


I want to understand if anyone else has been in the position and what strategies they've used to encourage users to reset?  There isn't an equivalent to jamf helper for iOS/ipadOS, we used that on macOS to send pop-up messages to encourage stragglers.


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Honestly, options are not great. We have compliance requirements for devices. If a device falls out of compliance and a user does not bring it up to compliance within the time frame we:

  • Wipe organizationally owned
  • Removed MDM and corp data from BYOD

Users can reenroll corp owned devices and set them back up with Automated Device Enrollment. For BOYD they can submit a new request to have their enrollment invite and what nots set. 


Some times you must get heavy handed to force compliance and cooperation.