Nvivo 14


Has anyone recently packaged Nvivo 14.

I have captured the application and sorted out the license side of things and the PPC config required.

Have people come accross this issue  NVivo 14” cannot be opened because the developer cannot be verified.
Appreciate this can normally be handled by excepting it from Privacy a security window. However this isn’t really workable for a full site deployment.


Has anyone found a soultion to this I think it maybe how Im packaging it.



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sudo xattr -r -d com.apple.quarantine /Applications/NVivo\ 14.app

Should do the trick. App appears to be failing gatekeeper.

sudo /Applications/NVivo\ 12.app/Contents/MacOS/NVivo\ 12 -initialize [key]
Doesn't seem to be (completly) working anymore. It get's past the following admin prompt, but it doesn't fill in the Enterprise key for the users like it did with 12.

The documentation seems to be pointing to use an activation file. What a pain - not useful in a shared device environment.

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Got it working in the end.

Deployed a pre-filled 'Activation' file to /Users/Shared and pointed the commandline argument towards it.

sudo /Applications/NVivo\ 14.app/Contents/MacOS/NVivo\ 14 -initialize [key] -activate /Users/Shared/Nvivo\ Activation\ File/Activation.xml

You still need to do a PPPC for full disk access and accessability settings.
Bolt a recon onto the deployment and scope the PPPC out via a smart group.

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Thanks for answering.