Odd policy behavior - sometimes policy is killed, sometimes not

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Note that when it gets killed it's a bad thing :)

We are currently rolling out office 2011 or Outlook 2011 based on what a client had installed previously (the entire office 04/08 suite or just entourage). To do so I have a policy that runs a script to determine what version of office is installed, and based on the script result, calls one of two policies with a manual trigger.

Sometimes, not all the time, the policy that checks for the version of office exits with the following error message: ```
"/private/tmp/determineOfficeLevel.sh: line 9: 1037 Killed jamf policy -trigger UpgradeEntourage."
``` The 1037 is always different, but the rest of the error is identical. Note that in most cases, it will start to remove office 04/08 before it quits, so re-running the same upgrade policy will fail with a "No office products found." I end up having to trigger one of the manual policies to get outlook/office 2011 to install.

The only way I've found to work around this is to issue a "sudo jamf removeFramework" on the client, and then recon it again to download a new jamf binary. Afterwards the policy runs just fine.

I've linked to zip files of the scripts that are being run for you to look at. Am I missing something obvious here?

A policy that runs successfully shows a log similar to the following

Mounting afp://uscles704.agna.amgreetings.com/CasperShare to /Volumes/CasperShare...
Running Script determineOfficeLevel.sh...
Script Exit Code:0
Script Result: Checking for policies triggered by "UpgradeEntourage"...
Gathering Policy Information from https://uscles704:8443//...
Executing Policy RemoveEntourage0408_InstallOutlook2011...
Mounting afp://uscles704.agna.amgreetings.com/CasperShare to /Volumes/CasperShare 1...
Running Script RemoveOffice2004_2008.sh...
Script Exit Code:0
Script Result: No matching processes were found
Now removing Applications, automator actions, frameworks, and global preferences for all Office 2004 and 2008 products. This may take a while, please wait...
/Library/Application Support/Microsoft/MAU2.0 not found
/Library/Application Support/Microsoft/Office Converter Support not found
/Library/Preferences/com.microsoft.office.licensing.plist not found
/Library/Automator/Add Attachments to Entourage Messages.action not found
/Library/Automator/Add Content to Word Documents.action not found
/Library/Automator/Add Document Properties Page to Word Documents.action not found
/Library/Automator/Add New Sheet to Workbooks.action not found
/Library/Automator/Add Table of Contents to Word Documents.action not found
/Library/Automator/Add Watermark to Word Documents.action not found
/Library/Automator/Apply Animation to PowerPoint Slide Parts.action n

Etc. There seems tro be no rhyme or reason to why it fails. Sometimes people are logged in, sometimes they are logged out.

The scripts can be downloaded here: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/5413877/DetermineOffice_RemoveOffice.zip