Offboarding - how to take a backup of mac and reimage it via JAMF

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Hey everyone,


I'm currently searching for an effective offboarding workflow with JAMF Pro, as we already have a zero-touch onboarding setup. I have a few questions regarding this process:


1. How can I create a complete backup of a MacBook using JAMF?

2. What's the process for uploading this backup to the cloud using JAMF?

3. How can I repurpose a MacBook or wipe it completely using JAMF? (I believe we can utilize the wipe option in management.)

 If anyone has any other ideas or suggestions, please let me know.


Thank you!




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JAMF is a device management platform, not a data backup platform. Apple has Time Machine built in to macOS, and it can be scripted and use network shares. However, Time Machine is firmly a consumer product and I would not recommend using it for unattended backups from a remote location. Your best solution would be something like iCloud or OneDrive, and configure those to backup user data. I don't see taking a system snapshot and cloud hosing it being very cost effective, assuming there are solutions out there for such a task.


  1. With the correct enterprise backup solution, you could deploy and configure it with JAMF and that tool would handle backups
  2. It would depend on the tool you used.
  3. Yes, JAMF can send a MDM command to wipe a managed Mac (assuming macOS is bootable, and the device can access the internet)



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Hey @AJPinto @scottb ,

Thanks for the response. 

Any recommendation on how can I make the smooth offboarding process? 

as I want to back up Mac and upload it to Google Drive.  

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What @AJPinto said.
I use Carbon Copy Cloner and SuperDuper!

Both are great at creating a backup image of a Mac volume.

Honestly, the process you list above seems odd.  And you will find backups of volumes - namely, "Macintosh HD" will consume unglodly amounts of space.

For simply wiping and re-"imaging" a Mac, use EACS - Erase All Contents and Settings built into the OS - works great.