Office 2016 MAU updating when no user is logged in

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I have an Office 2016 deployment to my Mac fleet. I recently switched to a MAU caching server and an msupdate script to deploy updates on a weekly schedule with a policy.

The MAU caching server is working great, but I can't get MAU to update all office apps when no user is logged in. We are an AD environment with many classrooms, labs, and other mulit-user areas.

I understand that Office 2016 apps have to be registered with the MAU daemon on a per-user basis. I also see the config profiles that can be applied on a per-user basis to allow MAU to apply patches. Is there a way for Office 2016 apps to be registered system-wide, or is there another way to use MAU to update office apps without any user logged in?

Would it be better for me to apply the as described here and then setting the update trigger for user login?

The script I am using to invoke msupdate is the msupdatehelper from

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You could invoke a script to kick off the updates at a certain time either using a launchDaemon(if you want it locally running) or via a policy.

But you need a configuration profile to register the apps, you can also use that config profile to point MAU to your caching server because unless you've set that plist via a command, it probably isn't downloading from your mau caching server.