Office 2019 and Volume License PKG not deploying

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Totally new to all of this so please bear with me. I am managing about 30 Macs and iOs devices for my church and attempting to deploy Office 2019 pkg and the Volume License PKG. I amusing JamfNow Plus and had added the apps to my system and then created a blueprint with the apps in it. I check the machine from the dashboard and see a Sent to Device. But the Apps are not installed. What am I missing?. Both APPS are PKGs.


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Awaiting answer as well.

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I'd also like to get an answer to this. I created a custom PKG file for VMWare and it's now stated as 'Sent to device' but there's no sign of it on the target Mac. Any ideas anyone?

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i've done the same and just added both packages to a configuration profile that installs the office 2019 pkg first then runs the serialiser . never had any issues , machines install office and then the serialiser aswell

you could also try use composer to capure the actions of the serialiser

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Sounds like it's time to open a support case. There's something busted here, but I am not currently familiar with the process of blueprinting in JAMF Now. FYI, those two packages should be able to be deployed in any order (The serializer does not have to be first) and installed without any real configuration.