Office 2019 Uninstalled on multiple machines

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Good morning all,

So within the last week I noticed on a few computers that the Office 2019 dock items were missing. So after seeing this, I decided to query the number of computers that were missing Office 2019.4 out of 5 were missing Office 2019.

I was hoping for the guidance of the community for help to look for uninstall logs either provided through Jamf or the physical computer.



A few things...

Dock icons aren't added automatically. You must do that after installing the software.

Did you open the Applications folder on your computers missing Office and verify the apps are gone?

To remove Office will require a script that you add to Jamf Pro. There is no such thing as "uninstalling a package" and therefore won't be any logs unless the script itself leaves something behind.

What is your search criteria for identifying Office is installed? Could you possibly have Office 2016 installed instead?

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@talkingmoose I have the group criteria searching by Application title and does not have

I did confirm that the applications were missing from the Applications folder.

Its so weird that Office uninstalled on the machines and I have no idea why.