Office 365 Shared license for Mac

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I came across a discussion by dstranation (Mac Office 365 shared computer activation?), which was posted on 08/19/16. One response by JoshRouthier shared a link to Paul Bowden, who is a Microsoft software engineer, wrote a script that is to activate a Microsoft Office 365 Mac shared subscription. I am wondering if anyone has used this script, how it was used, what parameters were used, and when it was used - login or after office 365 was installed. Also, I am wondering if Microsoft has any instructions on how to allow Office 365 to be shared on a Mac.



While I don't have a ton to contribute to your question, Paul and a few other Microsoft folks are fairly active on Jamf Nation, as well as the MacAdmins slack.

I'm sure they wouldn't mind answering your questions if you reached out to them :)