Office insider patching

New Contributor II

This is just a public service announcement. If you're managing Office patches, make sure to uncheck the "patch unknown versions" option in the patch policy. If you have users on the Office "insiders" list, slow or fast doesn't matter, they will be considered "unknown" versions in JAMF, and if you don't exclude them from the patch policy, and you also have "patch unknown versions" turned on, the insiders Office applications will crash every time a patch is attempted. Almost all of our Mac users are blocked via config profile from joining insiders, but two VIP's insisted they wanted insiders access and they subsequently updated to Office 16.22. When I patched our user base to Office 16.21 I forgot to exclude them and I left "patch unknown versions" toggle on. This resulted in JAMF labeling them uknown and attempting to patch and failing and crashing Office apps. Just wanted to let you guys know incase you have insiders floating around.