Office VPP - anyone using it ?

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Several month has gone since the new option to install office 365 from Appstore apps.
I have tried to use it some times, but it still seems very buggy?. Nearly always the installation of apps is not working and each app has only a very small size of few hundred KB - or else - the applications are installed several times.

I am the only one experiencing this ?. Is the best way to go still the old way with a complete package or what is your experience ?

Propably overtime the VPP will be the way to go, but right now it looks like a more tricky way in my view



There's been a few issues since they were put on the store, but Apple and Microsoft are working to iron everything out. The stub issue was mostly resolved in macOS 10.14.4

Keep an eye on for all of the known issues.

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I am waiting for a good while until I start seeing posts and reviews that it is a smooth deployment. I tested deployment and it was annoying and seemed to have bugs and is not smooth. I am still packaging Office and deploying it that way.