Okta LDAP, updating user details after enrolment

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We have Okta setup as our LDAP source within Jamf Cloud and its working beautifully when users enrol into our system.

but as a school, kids change grades at the beginning of every year (or should) and so their Grade changes within Okta, but our user data for them within Jamf doesn't.

we use their grade level for smart groups, so it would be great if there was a way to update this information.

is it possible without having to re-enroll each of the students BYOD devices to refresh the user information?


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That information can update one of two ways.

  1. You go in to each device record and re-search their username to populate in the new fields.
  2. You create a policy that does a recon with the -userID flag, so jamf recon -userID $username, using whatever method you would like to script in the username as the variable.

If you include the -userID flag with a valid value, so the users actual username, it will automatically re-search the item in the Okta LDAP connector and should update the values accordingly.

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but with the kids Using BYOD iPads, I think I'm going to be stuck re-searching them manually.

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I know I'm late to this, but you can consider using the students graduation year instead of grade level.  That will usually never change, and the groups will follow them throughout their time at the school .