Okta LDAP User Group Working?

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Are you guys able to lookup user groups via Okta LDAP? I'm able to lookup usernames, but user groups is not working for me....

Does it work for anyone here using Okta LDAP? If so, can you give me an example of what you're entering, as far as syntax goes?

Thanks all


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Yeah, we're able to lookup groups in Okta. We are unable to do wildcard group names, so you have to spell the group name exactly like it is in Okta, but we can lookup the group and group membership

Here are the settings we have:



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I just changed to your settings, still can't lookup groups... so weird. I can lookup usernames, but not groups. Tried different groups too.

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Figured it out with the help of Jamf Support, thanks Ryan!

Apparently it's a limitation of Okta LDAP; it can only lookup groups created in Okta, not AD synced.


Hi, what was your end solution for this issue? I am experiencing the same issue. I am wondering if adding an MS AD LDAP connection was the solution. Or something else?