Old Push Certificate

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Hi Guys,

We renewed our push certificate and it seems that this has not updated on the iPads we are managing meaning that we cannot send any commands out to the iPads. We know restoring them through AC2 works but we manage about 500 of them so isn't feasible to do this for every single one. Is there a way round this?

We had the idea of downloading the certificate itself from somewhere and manually installing it but can't seem to find a downloadable copy of the certificate, only the jamf token.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



do you create a new or renew the same.
You have to change it, before the old expired, else you have to reinstall the devices

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If the old certificate expired, you have to reenroll. I believe apple gives a 30 day grace period, after that there are no options but to reprovision the devices.

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If you accidentally renewed the wrong token, it may be possible to upload the correct token to restore device communication.

What you're looking for is the 'identifier' or 'topic' (format: com.apple.mgmt.External.randomstring) but you'd need to know the corresponding value for the correct token.

As others have mentioned, if you renewed the correct token after the grace period, you will need to re-enroll all of your managed devices.